John has successfully fitted over 2,000 people to their bikes. Here are a few of his happy customers.

"I did a short ride yesterday and then a longer ride (30mi) today. Honestly it feels like a night and day difference from before. My shoulders and neck are so much more relaxed and comfortable. I can tell I'm generating a lot more power as well with an average speed up by 2+mph from my previous ride at that distance. At the end of the ride this morning, instead of feeling like I was ready to come off I think I could have gone for significantly longer. Overall, it's been absolutely awesome! Thank you so much for all your help! All the changes are a world of difference. Jordan

"John, let me start by saying that the results of the fitting you did for me last November are nothing less than AMAZING! If you recall, my chief complaint was chronic knee pain. Well, I've done 450 miles since the fitting, and my knees not only got better on the bike, they got better in general (so, getting in and out of the car, climbing stairs, etc). Thanks very much." Alan

 "John is absolutely amazing. I was experiencing extreme pain when riding for any distance further than 10 miles. I thought for sure that I would not be able to continue the activity I enjoy so very much. Within an hour and a half, John measured my bike, measured me and made some fine tuned adjustments that have allowed me to ride pain free. Ready to go the distance now! I can't thank John enough! If you have ANY discomfort at all when you ride, you owe it to yourself to go see this man. Worth every penny!" Deborah Moskowitz

"John Hollingsworth is one of the best fitters in the industry!" Walter Diolosa

"John is a great fitter." Linda Street McClellan

A video testimonial of a Bike Fit. Jose Ramirez

"About a year ago I went to John Hollingsworth for a bike fit. I have always been an advocate for a proper bike fit, and had numerous bike fits over the past 10 years. Comfort and efficiency were my goals. I had experienced numb hands, extremely sore knees, hot spots on my feet and persistent pressure and soreness in the perineum area. Then along came John Hollingsworth with his wonderful bike fit skills. He was heaven sent. The process was personable, professional and informative. He used the Body Geometry and Retul Systems along with his expertise in yoga and exercise physiology. He took into consideration my geometry, arch, flexibility and ride style. I have never felt better on the bike. No pains at all. He fit my road bike about a year ago. I just purchased a triathlete bike which he will soon fit. He has the skills, motivation, patience and attention to minute detail which makes the bike fit superb. I has bike fit my son and friends. They shout his praises as well. He is a super hero, and I recommend him without any reservations." Omar

"Well I just spent about an hour and a half with John Hollingsworth. He is a fantastic fitter… He really pays attention to what you're asking for. I've been wanting to get my bike professionally refit to this old aging body for a couple years.😜 We got a completely different seat and a new set of handlebars and tons of changes in the dimensions. Since my bike is an older model, we need to order a couple things to make it the best fit. Highly recommend doing this if you have any discomfort on your bike. I feel like I'm going to be much more efficient and comfortable. Unfortunately I won't be able to pick up the bike until Wednesday, so I'll be on my hybrid this week😨 -- thank you John!" Patti MaGuire

"John is the best at what he does. He did the fitting on all three of my bikes, and it was money and time well spent." Andrew Ward