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John has taken his expertise and knowledge from Florida, USA and opened a second location in the Greater Manchester Area.

Do you want to cycle longer distances and more comfortably.  


Did you know that it is not normal to ride with upper or lower back pain, genital pain or numbness, wrist and hands going numb, or knee pain. Getting a medically based bike fit is the solution.

To Contact John for a Bike Fit

please call 07513 082479

Body Geometry Master Biker fitter John Hollingsworth has spent the last 25 years in America, working in bike shops and getting his medical bike fit training at Specialized Bicycle Component University in Morgan Hill California, and Retul/Specialized in Boulder Colorado. John having completed all the courses with Specialized was invited back as an assistant professor helping teach bike fitting to new students. In 2018 John opened his own bike fit business working with 5 different bike stores in the central Florida area as their go-to fit expert. 

His bike fit process involves a detailed interview, followed by a full body medical assessment looking at, skeletal angles, sit bone measurements, range of motion assessment, and any differences in symmetry or leg lengths, and then using this detailed information to fit you to your bike. We can then use your unique body information to rebuild your bike to match your body, and with the amazing range of saddles, stems, and handlebars in stock at Winstanley Bikes we will have everything you need to leave with a perfectly fit bike.