Be One With Your Bike

Your core strength is important for a good cycling position. If you have to sit for work it can affect your core stability, hip flexors and hamstrings and can lead to poor upper body position and discomfort. We can highlight these areas and work with you addressing these areas. During the fit process we may recommend changing some bike parts, such as saddle or stem to place your body in a relaxed neutral position, so when finished you decide how far to ride and not allow  the bike to decide!

Medically based Bike Fit. Body Geometry Fit is a medically based program that reviews your injury history, flexibility levels, any structural deviations in your body and core strength and then uses this information to place you in a neutral position on your bike. Because we evolved to be walkers and runners our hip, knee, foot does not function the way they are bio-mechanically designed to. Using your medical assessment we can stabilize your pelvis and support your foot to improve the hip, knee, foot alignment for biking.

John Hollingsworth is a proven medically based bike fitter.  John  has been fitting people on their bicycles in the United States since 2010. His first location was in Central Florida. John attended SBCU, Specialized Bicycles Component University,  where he became an assistant professor.  John moved back to Horwich in the fall of 2022 and has opened his second location in the Horwich, Greater Northwest Manchester area.

 John's fit studio in Florida (Horwich location coming soon, currently mobile service)


Q. What is a Mobile Bit Fit? 

A. To accommodate the busyness of our daily obligations, John is able to bring all the pieces of his studio to your home or office. John will have his massage table, bike trainer, bike fit tools, test saddles and test stems with him so please have a space big enough for a massage table to ensure your comfort. 

Q. Why do I need a bike fit?

A. We all ride a bicycle for different reasons such as staying fit and healthy, training as a first time racer (accomplishing that personal goal)  or seasoned rider/racer, to be social,  to experience the beautiful countryside or reducing your carbon footprint on our earth. The most common reason people stop cycling is DISCOMFORT or PAIN; upper back or shoulders, knee, lower back, feet, or genital area. That's  where CF Bike Fit comes in to ensure your bike matches your body. 

Q. Do I have to ride a road bike?

A. CF Bike Fit has extensive experience fitting a variety of bicycles, i.e., Road, Gravel, Electric or Ebikes, Hybrid, Triathlon (aero), Mountain, Peloton, Single Speed, and Kids Bicycles. Different bikes require a different process so please speak with John directly about the bike you own.

Q. How long does a bike fit take?

A. John personalizes each fit based on the riders individual needs and the type of bicycle. The average bike fit takes approximately 2 hours and 2.5 hours for a Triathlon Bicycle, though it can vary depending on the situation. John ensures each rider feels comfortable to ask questions and understand the process throughout the fit so if time is limited please inform him. John is great with managing time and being patient but wants to respect any time requirements.