What is a Bike Fit

Medically based Bike Fitter. Body Geometry Fit is a medically based program that reviews your injury history, flexibility levels, any structural deviations in your body, and core strength. John uses this information to place you in a neutral position on your bike.

Humans evolved to be walkers and runners. Our hip, knee, and foot does not function the way they are bio-mechanically designed to. Using your medical assessment we can stabilize your pelvis and support your foot to improve the hip, knee, and foot alignment for efficient and pain-free cycling. 

Your core strength is important for a good cycling position. If you have to sit for work it can affect your core stability, hip flexors, and hamstrings that can lead to poor upper body position and discomfort. We can highlight and address these areas. During the fit process, we may recommend changing some bike parts, such as the saddle or stem to place your body in a relaxed neutral position, so when finished you decide how far to ride and not allow your bike to decide!

John Hollingsworth is a proven medically based bike fitter. For years John has fit people on their bicycles in the United States specifically in Central Florida. Since returning to his childhood town of Horwich, United Kingdom, he brings the same professionalism, knowledge, and passion to Bolton and surrounding areas.